steam carpet cleaning

Our steam carpet cleaning and hot water extraction is recognized by most carpet manufacturers as the preferred effective method of cleaning your carpets. While vacuuming carpet removes large solids and is good for everyday maintenance, even the best vacuum cleaners only remove a small fraction of contaminates.

There are billions of tiny insects, dirt, dust and allergen particles that your vacuum cleaner simply can not remove. The best and most thorough way to rid your carpet of these contagions is professional and expert cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis is the best method for keeping your home or business hygienic.  Carpeting functions as a filter for the air you breathe.  Their large surface area help trap the allergens, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants. 

Regular professional carpet cleaning removes these contaminants, bringing new life to your carpets, and helps your home feel like new.



Suck It Up Carpet & Tile Cleaning can remove 99% of odor causing bacteria, dander, fur and oils, left behind by your four-legged family member. Using our advanced 9-step cleaning method, we are able to extract even the toughest stains.  Mud, accidents, and even the toughest pet stains are able to be removed.  

how we do it

Our Advanced 9 Step Cleaning Process for deep cleaning your carpets can be viewed here.  

areas we serve

  • Fort Collins
  • Laporte
  • Loveland
  • Timnath
  • Windsor
  • Wellington

starting at

  • $79.99 + tax for 3 spaces

  • $129.99 + tax for 5 spaces

  • $179.99 + tax for 8 spaces

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