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Proudly serving Fort Collins and the surrounding area, Suck It Up Carpet & Tile Cleaning delivers expert cleaning services for your carpet, air ducts, area rugs, tile & grout, and residential and commercial upholstery cleaning to the highest standards. Our workmanship and customer service is highly recommended time and time again and we retain a high customer loyalty rate. 


Your carpets will be cleaned in a professional manner, without the use of harsh toxic products. Suck It Up Carpet and Tile Cleaning is well known for using only the most tried and tested cleaning methods, state of the art equipment and top of the line cleaning products. We have a record of success for all of our residential and commercial customers carpet cleaning needs, with appointment times that you can count on.  


Suck It Up Carpet & Tile Cleaning uses state of the art equipment. We offer carpet, upholstery, and area rug cleaning. Using our truck-mounted cleaning system with variable pressure and steam jets, Suck It Up Carpet & Tile Cleaning can disinfect and deodorize your carpets and upholstery.  

Suck It Up Carpet & Tile Cleaning also offers cleaning solutions for:

This season, allergy season is in full swing and Suck It Up Carpet & Tile Cleaning can help remove the allergens in your home or office's carpets. Using our hot water extraction process you can: Reduce Allergens, Increase the Longevity of Your Investment and Improve the Air Quality of Your Home.

We know a clean home is a healthy home.  Your upholstered furniture and carpeting traps and collects dirt and grit over time which is not only unsightly, but can make you sneeze and wheeze. Protect your loved ones from airborne pollutants such as pollen, mold, dust mites, and pet dander by keeping your upholstered clean from irritants that can make you and your family guests sick.

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