area rug cleaning that gets results

Area rugs make great accents in your home. A good rug can last many years. In order to protect your investment, routine rug cleaning is required, since dirt and contaminants damage the fibers of any carpet or area rug. 

Maintaining your antique and ornamental rugs to their original state before normal wear and tear has never been easier! 

Our experienced and trained team can easily restore the natural color, tone and vibrant patterns in any rug.  

Our Cleaning approach

We first vacuums your rugs to remove any large solids, and dry debris.  A cleaning product is applied to loosen tough stains, oils, and grime from the fibers of the rug. 


Using an agitator we separate the oil and soils from the fibers in the rug. This process may be repeated depending on the amount of residue in the rug.  


Using highly filtered and purified water the materials trapped in the cleaning product are washed away from the fibers, leaving the original color and textures intact. 


After all the debris is washed from the rug, if requested, clients can have an additional stain guard applied that protects the fibers from UV rays, stains, pet odors and allergens.  This keeps your rugs looking new longer.

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