let us bring your tile and grout back to life

In recent years tile has become an increasingly popular home flooring choice.  Subjected to everything from dirt and grease tracked in on shoes to cooking oils that settle from the air, tile takes a lot of abuse. Over time it can lose its shine and luster.  Because the grout lines are recessed and often lighter in color, they are usually the first to show soiling.   Even dirty mop water can stain the grout lines.

Using specialized equipment and cleaning techniques, our tile experts can bring your tile and grout back to life.  We can usually get better results in an hour than you could after scrubbing all day!  We have special cleaning agents and processes for stubborn problems like mold, mildew and mineral buildup.

our 4 step tile cleaning process

Step One: We vacuum and remove all loose and large debris from your tile and stone floor.  



Step Two: Our Technician will use an advanced Pre-Spray to help loosen grime and tough stains in your grout lines and tile.  



Step Three: Our team will use our high-pressure system to gently lift away soils, and unwanted stains from your tile and grout. This washes away and minimizes damage, lifting years of residue away in one pass.  The contained pressure washing system vacuums up water and soils and dries almost instantly.




Step Four: Inspection and touch ups if required for a final finish. 

Maintain Your Investment

Before Deep Cleaning:

After Deep Cleaning:

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